· Safe Foods First Provides Four Services

I. Food Safety Program & HACCP Plan Design

Since 1994 we have brought corporate executive chef experience to our Food Safety Program and HACCP designs. What sets Safe Foods First services apart is our ability to change culinary practices in daily operation.Taking in account the specificity of each business and the particularities of each facility, Safe Foods First designs Food Safey Programs and training material based on HACCP to support your operation in meeting the requirements of the law and protecting your business. We make the Gold Standard of Food Safety Excellence available to prospective clients.

Safe Foods First provides also integrated solutions supported by advanced wireless technologies to monitor temperature control. Safe Foods First offers also creative solutions to implement effective cross contamination prevention. Safe Foods First objective is to offer you comprehensive services to makes food safety management as easy as possible. By providing you with an adequate HACCP plan, training manuals and audits, Safe Foods First expertise will reduce risks in your operations which in turn will help you reduce liability by demonstrating reasonable care.

II. Training & Motivational Workshop

Empowering culinary workers with the sense of their responsibility as protector of public health is the most effective tool of food safety training. When Food Handlers become aware of their essential responsibility as gate keepers of public health, the perception of their societal personna change and their level of compliance with cross contamination prevention and temperature control increase dramatically.

It is this simple, yet critical discovery that allows Safe Foods First to successfully train food handlers and to lead them to greater compliance with food safety standards and successful completion of their food safety Servsafe Certification.

Through team building, hands-on training, and motivational workshops, Safe Foods First achieves substantial results in raising food safety awareness and commitments.

To support adequate training Safe Foods First develops and provides training CD, dedicated food safety posters and signage bearing your company identity to act as useful reminders of safe practices as well as evidence of your stated food safety policies.

III. Audits & Validation

In today s world, safety trust is a key factor in the success of any food processor, distributor and operator. The ability to provide timely, accurate and comprehensive evidence of Safe Food Practice is an important part of establishing safety trust between business partners. Safe Foods First Third Party HACCP, QSM and GMP audits are the best way to establish this trust.

Optimum audit integrity is best achieved through outside party. As an impartial auditor with no vested interests. Safe Foods First is best qualified to review compliance with accepted industry standards, county, state and federal regulations as well as internal company standards.

Safe Foods First Audits assess food safety in retail food operations, restaurants, corporate food services or food processing plants. Safe Foods First Audits analyze the flow of products through the operation in accordance with HACCP and Quality Management System. Safe Foods First Audits evaluate and validate each facility HACCP plan by measuring and quantifying food safety compliance at each critical Control points.

IV. Recalls Updates

Safe Foods First is part of an early warning network of food safety organizations that receive instant notification of recalls. We communicate that information in "real time" to our clients. This provides them with continuous advantage in managing the consequence of these unfortunate instances.

Safe Foods First
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David Armatis

I. Critical Areas

Product Design
Menu Planning
Cold storage
Dry storage
Cross contamination prevention
Temperature control
Physical & Bio Chemical Hazard Prevention

II. Training Process

Motivational Workshop
Video training
CD training
Training Manual
Posters & signage
Safety trustees
Feed back
Compliance measurement

III. Validation

Quality System Management Traceability
Calibration Efficacy
Packaging Labeling
Food Security Management Recall& Crisis Management
Integrated Pest Management

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